Ok, so most people will think this is just another CISSP exam spill. It actually isn’t. I tested the below plan (following approach 1) when studying and it worked perfectly for me. I will be discussing two approaches:

  1. A less intense plan using added time for anyone less experienced or knowledgable in the various domains plus not able to utilize many hours within each day (study plan requires spreading out).

Most people I speak with these days are having a very difficult time adjusting to the current restrictions and staying indoors. Having a great routine to follow has really helped me keep my sanity and be able to perform. Ideally, you want to mix it up a bit but at the same time try to keep doing as many things as you used to do in a pre-quarantine era. What can you do in a typical day? Lot’s of things.

Step 1: Wake Up, Smell the Roses and Enjoy that View

Enjoy that view

Ok, so I love coffee. I have recently started reading a book about coffee while drinking coffee at my balcony…

Blur is a great tool for maintaining your online privacy while performing a variety of activities. It can be downloaded at https://dnt.abine.com and installed on a variety of web browsers as well as IOS and Android compatible devices. As soon as you register for a new account, you will be able to access the application’s dashboard. There are two Blur versions: A free one (supporting masked emails, accounts and tracking protection) and a Premium version (which provides the full functionality of the tool, allowing you to use masked credit cards and phone numbers). …

About a year ago I was offered the amazing opportunity of writing my first technical book, relating to a Cyber Security certification. I was so excited but at the same time intimated that I wouldn’t be able to deliver and cope with the challenge. But I accepted it and learnt valuable lessons throughout it..

Initial project scoping discussion

First of all, I had an initial chat with my editor to ensure I understood the expectations and start working on a chapter delivery schedule. There were some very tough deadlines set forth, which allowed me about 5 months in total from the moment I started…

Nick Mitropoulos

Trying to make the world a safer place by publishing stories about online privacy, cyber security, vulnerability management and anything security related…

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